About the project

A new brand

Maxspoints is a company that provides cleaning services in Stockholm. Our aim was to create a new brand and a more modern website for their cleaning activities. The result of cooperation is a memorable and exceptional logo that combines minimalist style, subtle ornamentation and a bright violet color.

Informativeness and completeness

When creating a website, we aim to emphasize the strengths and exclusivity of the company. In  this project our task was detailed market analysis and a selection of proper publicity strategy. Special attention was paid to functionality and convenient management of the site since we  wanted to create a function where window of service that opens can be moved to its category service. Finally, we also sought informativeness and comprehensiveness to each service. 

Website design

The project consisted of combined work, from texts in Swedish writing to the organization of a photo session. We chose the dominant purple color to enliven the design of the site, as well as to maintain the company’s image. A bright and easy animation site attracts a visitor’s attention  and the smiling personnel photos are confirmed to be convincing to the visitor that the company carries high competence. 

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